Freelance time tracking and invoicing simplified

Spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love with our simplified time tracking and invoicing system

Simplify Tasks

Spend less time tracking your time or making invoices and more time doing what you love.

Stay organized and make the most of your time with ChronRunner's intuitive scheduling feature. Get a clear overview of upcoming tasks and easily track your time spent on client projects. Import external calendars or create custom events to optimize your schedule.

Supercharge Your Workflow!

Quick Pay
Empower your clients with lightning-fast payments! Share secure payment links and get paid in a flash, hassle-free.
Simple Invoicing
Effortless invoicing at your fingertips! Transform your logged hours into professional invoices with just a few clicks.
Effortless client communication! Easily send polished invoices to your clients directly from our app, ensuring smooth interactions.
Google Calendar Integration
Effortless scheduling made possible! Seamlessly import your Google Calendar events, so you're always in control of your time.


Straightforward pricing for all your business needs.


Good for anyone wanting to take ChronRunner for a spin.


  • 1 Client
  • 1 Client Project
  • 1 Client Service
  • 2 Invoices
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Perfect for freelancers with multiple clients.

$4 / month

  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Client Projects
  • Unlimited Client Services
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Calendar Integration
  • Invoice Email Service

Frequently asked questions

Any questions that head our way that is felt would benefit others, we'll be sure to include here!

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What are some key features that make the ChronRunner application user-friendly and efficient?

Love the question! At its most basic, the time entry piece along with our invoicing help to keep things simple and moving in the right direction. But let's point to one of our latest blog posts, A Broad Walkthrough, that does a deeper, broader dive into some of the ins-and-outs of this software.

Can I receive payments through ChronRunner for my invoices?

Yes, you can! We've introduced our "Quick Pay" feature, which integrates seamlessly with Stripe. Now, when you send an invoice via ChronRunner, you can include a payment link along with the PDF. Even if you're using our Free tier, you can access this feature, with a minor $2 fee for each payment processed. For more information, please visit our Docs section or you can learn how easy it is to use over in the Blog article.